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The ESS Suppression System is activated by a pull cable that releases the CO2 propellant into the fire bottle where it pressurizes and aerates the AFFF foam solution. At the same time the sudden increase in pressure opens a non-fragmenting rupture disc. The foam mixture discharged by the  ESS Fire Suppression System contains CO2, not air--- producing an extra level of protection. Our Fire Suppression System is user-rechargeable by replacing the AFFF mixture, rupture disc and the CO2 cartridge, saving the cost of the recharge, the shipping to and from the manufacturer and the associated HAZMAT fees with gases like Halon, FE and FM.

The Firecharger Fire Suppression System is purposely made for American racing; they are user refillable with the available refill kits. Most Firecharger customers buy a refill kit at the time of purchase of the system. This makes the Firecharger Fire Suppression System easy to use, lowest priced, long term economical, and with the lowest shipping cost. Firecharger comes with AN fittings, pre-shaped mounts with integral feet, and stainless steel Marman clamps with racing T Bolts. The Firecharger Fire Suppression System is the most advanced, lowest priced, most economical system on the racing safety equipment market today, American or otherwise. The Firechargers include all the best features available and none of the negative features of the other manufacturers, especially when it comes to getting a fire bottle refill.
This is because Firechargers are designed by American racers for American racers.